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Breeders & Phenohunters

Utilize Canalytics' advanced breeding and phenohunting analysis tools to craft and discover the most desirable genetics. Scientifically target genetic lines and phenotypes for desired therapeutic and adult use effects. Secure a competitive edge by unlocking powerful insights to differentiate the demand and value of your genetics.

Breeder Benefits

Precision Breeding

Cutting edge tools for breeding cannabis with targeted therapeutic and adult use effect profiles

Advanced Genetics

Unlock the full potential of your genetics by evaluating effects in parent and offspring expressions

Outcome Forecasting

Scientifically predict the therapeutic & recreational effects of breeding & seed lines

Phenohunter Benefits

Unmatched Power

The platform will be able to analyze thousands of COAs instantly

Elite Pre-Selection

Improve ROI by reducing unwanted phenotypes, wasted space, costs and labor while achieving optimal results.

Effect-Driven Hunting

Strategically phenohunt for genetics that deliver the high-demand effects while enhancing value and satisfaction.

Studies Analyzed
Cannabis Effects Evaluated
COAs Analyzed

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