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Don’t just test your genetics, understand their effects

Canalytics' suite of tools analyzes what was once hidden about cannabis products, scientific clarity on their effects for customer matchmaking. We maximize therapeutic and adult-use benefits for informed decision-making across brands, breeders, cultivators, labs, and dispensaries. Backed by over 5,000 studies, Canalytics helps clients maintain and monetize an unmatched competitive advantage with actionable insights.


Unlock your brand’s full potential with scientific analysis of cannabis profiles and their effects. Elevate product effects and differentation while boosting demand and ROI.


Tools for selecting genetics for specific therapeutic and adult use effects. Analyze parent selection and offspring expressions for impactful seed lines.


Strengthen your offerings by targeting genetics with in-demand effects. Enhance your market distinction, product value, and sales.


Boost customer loyalty with the finest therapeutic and adult use products. Pre-qualify the effects of batches prior to purchase and resale while improving consumer education.

Testing Labs

Differentiate your labs by offering cannabis effect analysis. Unlock new revenue and boost terpene analysis volume— all without the need for additional hardware investment.


Develop industry-leading cannabis products with Canalytics’ data-driven insights. Elevate your product’s full potential, maximizing customer satisfaction, demand, and prices.

Industry-Wide Impact: Our Comprehensive Approach

Canalytics empowers all sectors of the cannabis industry—from breeding, phenohunting, and cultivation to sale and customer product matchmaking. We provide innovative solutions that drive the development and accessibility of premium medical and recreational cannabis products. Our cutting-edge analytics and insights optimize every stage of the supply chain, ensuring unparalleled quality, efficiency, and consumer satisfaction. By partnering with Canalytics, businesses can elevate their operations while delivering superior cannabis experiences to their customers.

Therapeutic Effects

Studies Analyzed
Cannabis Effects Evaluated
COAs Analyzed

Adult Use Effects

Scientific Cannabis Formulas

Scientific Cannabis Formulas

Purchase, License, Productize

Canalytics is meticulously researching and developing 50 proprietary cannabis genetic profiles that precisely target 30 adult use and 20 therapeutic effects, which will be available for licensing and sale.

Our Team: Pioneers of Innovative Precision in Cannabis

Meet the gifted minds behind Canalytics—where science meets innovation. Each member of our team brings a wealth of expertise and a relentless drive to revolutionize scientific cannabis advancements across the entire industry. From uncovering therapeutic effects to enhancing product development, our specialists are at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that our solutions are not just advanced but also actionable and accurate.

Co-Founder, Research & CTO

Matthew Widmer

Matthew brings over two decades of extensive research and technological innovation to Canalytics. His multidisciplinary background in neuroscience, cognitive science, and computer science, and comprehensive analysis of 7,000+ studies on the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid-terpene effect synergy provide a robust scientific foundation for Canalytics’ cutting-edge algorithmic analysis systems.

Matthew brings an impressive track record in designing sophisticated computational systems. In 2007, he spearheaded the development of a Crestron automation system with 5,000+ relays. Throughout his career, Matthew has been at the forefront of advancements ranging from digital therapeutics and VR/AR to innovative health-boosting systems utilizing emotion tracking feedback loops for personalized recommendations.


Scientific Advisor

Dr. Janice MV Knox, MD, MBA

Dr. Janice Vaughn-Knox, MD, MBA is a retired board certified anesthesiologist, endocannabinologist, and certified cannabinoid medicine specialist. Dr. Janice is one of a family of 4 clinicians that believes science, research and technology will disrupt health care as it has been known.

The future of cannabis medicine will depend on how well the physiology of the body is known and the correct clinical application of the pharmacology of cannabis and other botanicals.

Co-Founder & Business Dev

Brent Stevens

Brent Stevens, co-founder of Canalytics, brings 23 years of expertise in the cannabis industry, spanning innovative product development, building labs, cultivation facilities, dispensaries, managing medical grows and founding multiple global brands. Including spearheading the award-winning Flower Mill, now a staple in the industry.

With a background in c-suite company development and sales, Brent also contributes to The Shire Group, streamlining operations and compliance for cannabis businesses. Committed to social responsibility, he supports initiatives providing cannabis to communities in need. Brent’s laser focus on improving cannabis quality and experience across the therapeutic and adult use cannabis has driven advancements shaping the industry.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jessica Knox, MD, MBA, MPH

Dr. Jessica Knox is a board-certified preventive medicine physician with 6 years of clinical experience in cannabinoid medicine. Dr. Jessica is a co-founder of several organizations, including co-founder of Doctors Knox, Inc. and Pivital Holdings; and the Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine (ACHEM), the first national medical association for BIPOC professionals seeking to heal themselves and their communities through cannabis education, advocacy, and application.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA is an endocannabinologist specializing in cannabinoid medicine, and a policy expert on cannabis and psychedelic health equity. She’s the creator and president of the Cannabis Health Equity Movement (CHEM)®, comprising the Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine (ACHEM), CHEM Allyance, and CHEM Cooperative; and is co-founder of Doctors Knox, Inc. and Pivital Holdings.

She is the immediate past chair of the Oregon Cannabis Commission, immediate past Vice Chair and Equity Chair of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board, and a founding board member of Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition (CRCC).

Scientific Advisor

Dr. David Knox, MD

Dr. David Knox is a board certified emergency medicine physician with nearly a decade of clinical experience in cannabinoid medicine. Along with his family, Dr. David founded Doctors Knox, Inc., the American Cannabinoid Clinics, delivering precision cannabinoid medicine to patients; and Pivital Edu, which develops comprehensive training for healthcare professionals in the ECS, endocannabinology and cannabinology.

Doctor Testimonials

Canalytics is the realization of my vision for the cannabis industry, which is why I am thrilled to join the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. Canalytics is pioneering the integration of science, physiology, and technology to deliver data-backed solutions targeting medical conditions—exactly what I've been eagerly anticipating for the past decade. Their technology eliminates guesswork for the entire supply chain by illuminating the intricacies of cannabis' effects.

Dr. Janice KnoxAdvisor: MD, MBA

As an endocannabinologist, I'm excited to contribute expertise to Canalytics' Scientific Advisory Board, driving innovation and impact. Canalytics adeptly combines scientific rigor with innovation illuminating cannabis' complexities through proprietary tech. This enables unprecedented customization - from breeding, product develop, product recommendations to novel formulations and increased efficacy in cannabis medicine.

Dr. Rachel KnoxAdvisor: MD, MBA

Cannabis is a polypharmacy with multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytochemicals. Precision in clinical use has been an issue, addressed through trial-and-error to find optimal results per patient. Canalytics' integration of science and technology offers great potential for a better approach to personalized botanical medicine.

Dr. David KnoxAdvisor: MD

Canalytics delivers a groundbreaking solution that clinical endocannabinologists have long awaited - sophisticated tech offering novel insights into diverse phytochemicals and their impact on human physiology. This unlocks the potential of personalized botanical medicine and self-care at an unprecedented scale. I am honored to help guide the development and deployment of this revolutionary technology.

Dr. Jessica KnoxAdvisor: MD, MBA, MPH

Committed to Robust Scientific Innovation

Driven by science and fueled by passion, our team’s collective vision is to empower clients with unparalleled insights into cannabis genetics and effects and establish trust in cannabis where it matters most. At Canalytics, we’re more than just analysts and researchers; we’re your partners in navigating the complex landscape of cannabis with data-driven confidence.

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