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Testing Labs

Provide unparalleled insights into cannabis effects, empowering clients with actionable data that transcends traditional COAs. Enhance your lab’s reputation as a leader in innovation and quality. Unlock new revenue streams, and boost terpene analysis volume without the need for additional hardware investment.

Testing Lab Benefits

Offer Effect Analysis

Differentiate your labs offerings and value with Canalytics’ effect analysis of COAs purchased from your labs.

Revenue & Insight

Unlock new revenue by adding Canalytics effect analysis to your services, no new equipment needed.

Client Retention

Secure client loyalty by offering actionable insights that go beyond standard COA testing.

Drive COA Demand

Boost COA sales as Canalytics makes terpene and cannabinoid analysis more valuable to clients

Clarity from Complexity

Simplify client understandings and decisions with Canalytics’ clear, actionable insights of complex COAs.

Enrich Lab Offerings

Offer valuable, in-depth cannabis effect analysis to attract discerning producers and cultivators.

Studies Analyzed
Cannabis Effects Evaluated
COAs Analyzed

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