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Pre-qualify the therapeutic and adult use effects before selecting which clones or seed lines to grow. Gain an unmatched understanding of your genetic library and strategically grow genetics with the greatest dispensary and customer value. Canalytics offers a scientific, data-driven approach to selecting genetics that achieve a competitive edge in vertically integrated and wholesale environments.

Cultivator Benefits

Genetic Excellence

Identify and grow genetics that meet the highest medical and adult use effect demands.

Increase Product Value

Cultivate strains that maximize customer satisfaction, demand, and pricing.

Stand Out

Improve product distinctiveness, appeal, satisfaction and purchase frequency in a saturated market

Scientific Selection

Leverage 5,000+ studies to select genetics for their expected strength and efficacy across 6 therapeutic and 6 adult use effects.

Improve Your Brand

Use scientific insight to enhance brand demand, flexibility and market share for a broader appeal.

Targeted Spectrum

Developing targeted spectrum tools for optimal effect driven cannabis and customer satisfaction.

Studies Analyzed
Cannabis Effects Evaluated
COAs Analyzed

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